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As you know, there are a number of elements that make up a term project. All of them require proper design in order for the work to be accepted and worthy of evaluation. Mandatory elements include a title page, content, introduction, main part, conclusion and list of sources. It is important to keep in mind that the main part consists of chapters, of which there should be at least two. Chapters, in turn, are subdivided into paragraphs. As for the optional parts of the term paper, it is only one - the appendices.

It is very important to pay attention to the numbering of pages. Proper numbering, according to the standard, is made out as follows: the bottom of each page in the center (allowed also at the top right corner) put Arabic number of its serial number.

Formally all pages of the work are subject to numbering, starting with the title page. However, the title page and the table of contents page does not have a number.

Each element of the work may begin only with a blank page. In this case, all elements must be written with appropriate headings, for which it is allowed to use only uppercase letters.

All information that relates to the methodology of the project, its goals, set tasks, and relevance is localized in the introduction. In the same place, it is required to describe the sources that served as the information base for the study. The volume of the introduction should not exceed three pages of printed text.

The results of the work done are highlighted in the conclusion, which follows immediately after the main part. Together with the results there also draw conclusions and outline the prospects for further work on the topic of research. The recommended length of the conclusion - 1-2 pages of printed text.

When the body of work is required to place a reference to the source, then specify the author and year of publication. The source itself must be specified in the list of sources, which is attached to the course project. 

It is very important when preparing a term project to defend carefully prepare a list of sources. It should indicate only the literature and the sources that were mentioned in the text of the work.

Most often, the list of sources is formed on the alphabetic principle, which uses Arabic numerals. In the first place you should specify the literature in your language, followed by a list of foreign-language sources. The list ends with a list of non-literary sources, i.e., electronic and online resources.


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